High Knees(in place) x :15
Butt Kickers(in place) x :15
Side Lunges R/L x 10 per leg
Fire Hydrants x 10 per leg
90 Hip Rotations x 10 per leg
Pretzel x :20 per side
Calf Stretch x :15-:20 per side
10 Wall Angel’s
PVC Shoulder Progression
10 Sots Press

10 min EMOM
5 SOTS Press
Metcon (Time)
Strength: 10 min
SOTS Press

1 mile run for time (note time)

Then directly into:
5 Rounds:
200m Sled Pulls with Harness
100m Seated Sled Pulls (in seated position on floor fully extend rope and pull until sled is in front of you. Continue to do so until reached 100m mark. Reposition body and rope as needed)

2 8′ Wall Climbs (use a box if needed to help initially get over wall.

If unable to climb wall use Jerk Blocks for Climbs or 30" box and complete 4 step overs, both hands must be on box while stepping to the other side)

3 Tire Flips (AHAP)

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