PVC Lat Stretch(On box) x :30
PVC Lat Stretch (wide) (On box) x :30
PVC passes x 12
PVC Upright Row to Press x 12
Push up lunge x 6 per side
Pretzel* x :20 (R/L)
Jump Squats or Jump lunges x 10/20(10 per leg)

Core Work
Core, station work, 4 rounds, work to fatigue each station:
– hollow hold with weighted arm lever
– plank hold walk outs
– Russian twist w/plate
– arch hold with alt opposite limb lifts

Pull-up Progression:
10 hanging scap circles forward*
10 hanging scap circles backward*
(*use box if needed)
3×5 Kipping pull up, Half pause drill (focus on cadence)
3×5 Seated ring pull-up (SX, full ext at bottom, pause at top)
3×5 Ring pull-up (RX, full ext at bottom, pause at top)
Metcon (Time)
HSPU (RX: deficit)
HPC (M: 95, 115, 135; F: 65, 85, 95)
Weighted Box Step Overs (35/20)

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