Air Squats x 15
PVC Lat Stretch(On box) x :30
PVC Lat Stretch (wide) (On box) x :30
PVC passes x 12
PVC Upright Rows x 12
Push up lunge x 6 per side
Cobras x 8-10 (coaches choice on your count)
Pretzel* x :20 (R/L)
Wall Squats** x 12 (slow)
RKBS x 20 (light-medium lbs)
Free Stretch 1-2 minutes
Overhead Squat (Weight)
Build to a 1RM OHS

Core Work
5 sets
Double KB 50m cary (1KB will be in front rack position while other is overhead. Walk 50m then switch position of KB)
Superset with
5 sets
L-sit holds ( from box both legs upright)
Build to 30 secs on

Strength Programming
4×10 Barbell Front Rack Halting Reverse Lunges
3×10 Glute Bridges
3×20 Good Mornings

Comp Training
5 Minute Clock
10 on/20 Off
Max Cal Assault Bike
Rest 1 minute
5 Minute EMOM
100m Sprints

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